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Release and Restore; Upper Body Expansion; Free the Hips; Strong and Long; Mindful and Deep; Move & Breathe

This collection of classes are described in broad themes but experienced with a deep and focused attention.  Each student is encouraged to cultivate a patient, compassionate approach to the practice while playing along the edge of their current boundaries.  All are encouraged and assisted in adapting poses to respect any existing restrictions or pain patterns.  Each individual can then work safely at a depth and pace that their body is willing to accommodate and able to integrate.   This approach to practice leads to a softening of our defensive armoring and enables deeper levels of connection to occur.  With a steady practice old habitual patterns fall away to be replaced with new ones that better serve us. A willingness to explore is all that’s required to attend these classes although a sense of humor is always helpful.

Warning: Yoga is transformational.
If you want to stay as you are, don’t practice yoga.



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Designed for those wanting to strengthen as well as those with limited range of motion, pain or dysfunction, we will work at an appropriate level and pace as we explore movements and breath that bring strength, integrity and freedom to the neck, shoulders, upper back and low back. Regardless of size, shape or current level of fitness, Therapeutic Yoga is yoga anyone can safely participate in and benefit from.

All levels welcome.

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